Functional Fact Sheet

Print ad delivery

  • Http and https based uploads via ADPOINTs Portal
  • Local, network and FTP Hotfolders
  • POP3 E-mail attachments

Print ad quality control and conversion

  • PDF and EPS conversion through Callas PDF Toolbox
  • PDF preview rendering through Adobe PDF Library
  • Preflight through Callas PDF Toolbox
  • Optional preflight through Onevision Asura and Enfocus Pitstop

Asset formats

  • All common graphic file formats

Print ad output

  • Normalized PDF and EPS

Ad system integration

  • Interfaces available for ad system solutions from LineUp, Tieto Atex, CCI, SAP and Zeno
  • Generic AdsML/XML based integration
  • Status feedback

Digital ad delivery and validation

  • JPEG, GIF, PNG and HTML5 formats
  • Upload as folders or zip-files or 3rd party tags
  • Create flights on-the-fly
  • Profile-driven validation of digital ad formats
  • Modification of profiles
  • Error and warning levels

Digital ad output

  • JPEG, GIF, PNG and HTML5

Production Partner management

  • Automatic and manual Production Partner assignment
  • Direct access or packaged job folder download
  • Automatically distributed Production app plugins (Adobe InDesign)

Asset Management

  • Assets, roughs, production files
  • Automatic order and customer relations
  • MD5 redundancy check
  • Usage tagging
  • Validity periods
  • Customizable categories

Deadline Management

  • Imported from ad system
  • Generated and maintained by deadline management module

Customer portal (HTML5 Portal)

  • Ready-made material upload
  • Instant preflight and quality control feedback
  • Asset and rough upload
  • Soft proofing with annotations
  • Overview of running and archived orders
  • Dynamic user interface for smartphones and tablets

Workflow highlights

  • Automatic and manual ad pickups
  • Automatic status updates with controlled manual overrides
  • Tracking of all versions

Material processes

  • Automatic and manual cropping
  • Color to Black/white conversion
  • Proportional and nonproportional scaling
  • Automatic and manual removal of crop marks

Processing Ready Material ads

  • Automatic material requests
  • Instant error and warning feedback during portal uploads
  • Automatic approval of OK ads

Processing Production ads

  • Automatic material requests
  • Assign assets from uploads or from Asset Management database
  • Check assets in from InDesign
  • Template driven design
  • Automatic proof alerts
  • Sign-off or reject ads
  • Automatic and manual time tracking

Manual orders

  • Full Customer profile (name, contact info, role etc.)
  • Customizable material specifications
  • Separate number series


  • Jasper report interface

Outbound communications

  • E-mail templates for material requests, receipts and proof alerts
  • Integrated SMS messaging for material requests and proof alerts

User interface

  • Rich Java interface launched from any modern web browser
  • Support for English, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Danish
  • Integrated language workbench for customized translations
  • User or group specific data column settings
  • User specific data tab settings
  • Quick search for fast free text searches
  • Advanced filtering and possibility to save filters
  • User settings restored on login
  • Full group and user rights management
  • Optional Active Directory integration

This list was compiled December 2017 and is based on ADPOINT version 7.0. Subject to change without notice. Functionality specifications are based on all ADPOINT modules and may not be part of solutions that do not include all modules. Limitations in data available from other systems may limit ADPOINT functionality.

Integration X recognizes copyrights of all vendors and products mentioned.