Press Release, April 7th 2017

ADPOINT is the new hub
for ad distribution in Finland

Kärkimedia, Finland’s major sales channel for print, digital and video advertising has selected ADPOINT from Integration X as its future platform for distribution of print and digital advertising materials.

Kärkimedia offers advertisers access to the vast majority of newspapers, news sites, mobile news sites and tablet editions presented by more than 30 Finnish news media organizations. In addition to selling advertising space, Kärkimedia also handles the material delivery from agencies and customers to the publishers.

Ending the era of email based point to point distribution, Kärkimedia has chosen ADPOINT from Integration X to be the new central hub for distribution of print and digital advertising materials.

“Not only does ADPOINT offer a modern and intuitive portal for both delivery and distribution of ad materials, it also provides fully integrated control of both print and digital ad materials to ensure optimal quality”, says Christian Wermuth, CEO of Integration X.

ADPOINT will be closely integrated with Kärkimedia’s ad selling solution Baari, which completely automates the processes from booking, delivering and validating materials to distributing approved files directly to the publisher’s own advertising solution.

“Moving to a fully automated solution, Kärkimedia’s customers will be able to significantly reduce time spent on manual handling of digital and print ad files,” Wermuth explains.

Scheduled for debut in September 2017, the new digital and print ad distribution solution will be provided as a fully managed cloud solution.

More information:

Kärkimedia Baari-solution: Tom Jungell, CEO,

Integration X solutions: Jacob Salomonsen,

About Kärkimedia

Kärkimedia is a unique newspaper ad sales and marketing organization in Finland founded in 1995 and representing 32 newspapers, all leaders in their market areas. Kärkimedia offers an easy ordering, material delivery and invoicing through one channel only.

About Integration X

Integration X A/S is a privately held technology company headquartered in Denmark. The company develops ad management and planning solutions for media companies worldwide. The powerful solutions enable media companies to reduce production time and costs significantly, and at the same time increase advertiser services.
Integration X was founded in 1998 and has offices in Denmark, Norway, Hungary and the United States.