ADPOINT Creative Management

Automate Ad Ops
Creative Management

Extend advertiser self-service.
Reduce campaign lead times.

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Campaign management

Engage advertisers and streamline collaboration

Drive advertiser engagement through the ADPOINT portal. Intuitively and easily, advertisers use self-service tools to upload and approve creatives with native support for print, html, video and audio formats.

Creative validation

Discard (or fix) bad creatives

Advertisers and producers receive instant response on digital and print creative quality. No more downstream surprises causing delays or bad campaign performance. Some errors are even fixed automatically.

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Production Management

Take full control of creative production

Integrated production and proofing tools and auto-tagged assets enable a smooth production workflow. The advertiser portal ensures all production stakeholders remain in sync.

Integration X

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Creative production resources


Get campaigns off
to a timely start

Never miss a deadline. Stay on top of campaigns through direct creative delivery to Google Ad Manager and Appnexus Xandr.

Partnering with leading vendors to the media industry

ADPOINT uses data you already own to improve the advertiser experience.
Out of the box integration to your Order Management or Sales solution
empowers the advertiser self-service experience
and drives and the highest possible level of automation.

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