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Validate audio creatives in ADPOINT

How to integrate Podcast and audio ads in your creative workflow

Audio advertising is on the rise. According to IAB’s U.S. Podcast Advertising Revenue Study, podcast advertising spend will surpass 2 billion US dollars this year.

Programmatic radio and a general shift to digital, perfectly aligns with data tracking requirements, the raw material for campaign decision makers these days. As such, audio files are becoming more common in the flow of creatives uploaded to ADPOINT.

Soundmap showing content of an audio ad in ADPOINT

Since version 7.11, ADPOINT has offered full support for audio formats. Validation options include duration, bitrates, loudness and silence periods.

Audio production

ADPOINT also fully supports the use of audio for production. By adding time-marked annotations on the waveform diagram, communicating around errors and suggestions for improvements is really fast and simple.

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