De Persgroep chooses ADPOINT from Integration X

Belgian Newspaper Group De Persgroep has chosen ADPOINT from Integration X as their corporate-wide advertising production solution to service printed and digital titles across three countries.

It is with great pride we announce that De Persgroep of Belgium has chosen our ADPOINT solution to handle digital and print ad production for De Persgroep’s publications in Belgium, The Netherlands and Denmark.

ADPOINT encompass the entire ad production from material upload, quality control, asset management and production to deadline management and distribution. At De Persgroep, ADPOINT consolidate advertising orders from three different booking systems, allowing the entire ad production to be centrally monitored and distributed to publications and creative partners in Europe.

CEO Christian Wermuth from Integration X says “We are of course very proud that a pan European publisher like De Persgroep chooses ADPOINT as their ad production solution” and he explains that the solution is a result of ADPOINT already being the system of choice for the Dutch and Danish publications. He adds; “When De Persgroep bought newspaper publishers in The Netherlands and Denmark we soon were able to identify significant production cost reductions by consolidating the entire De Persgroep ad production in a single system, hosted in Belgium.”

“ADPOINT’s ability to consolidate bookings from multiple systems combined with a flexible workflow -engine that adapts to local requirements, made it a perfect match for De Persgroep who wanted a single system to service three different markets”.   Mr. Wermuth also adds that ADPOINT’s dedicated browser based production environment as well as the HTML5 based customer portal has been key elements for the De Persgroep solution.

“Integration X has a strong foothold in the Benelux area and we see the new installation at De Persgroep as a proof of that our solutions are perfect for helping media companies pursuing a consolidation strategy to achieve major production efficiencies and savings” Christian Wermuth concludes.

The Washington Post saves big on production costs with ADPOINT 6.6

Digital ads go with the print flow


ADPOINT is the product in focus in the new issue of GXPress, a magazine focused on newspaper technology.

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ADPOINT helps newspapers and magazines monetize digital ad production

With ADPOINT from Integration X, newspapers can finally send all ad files, digital as well as print, through the same workflow. Material chasing, quality control and proofing lies safely in the hands of the most advanced ad management solution on the market.

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Callas pdfToolbox 8 is available

Callas Software of Germany has released version 8 of its pdfToolbox solution. Being a fully integrated module in ADPOINT and OUTPUTWORKFLOW, the pdfToolbox will also be part of future releases of these solutions.

For details about pdfToolbox 8 please check This page on Callas Software’s Website.

Erdee Media Groep chooses ADPOINT

Erdee Media Groep of Apeldoorn, Netherlands, have inked an agreement with Integration X regarding a complete ad production and material management system based on ADPOINT. In addition, Erdee Media Groep will be using PLANPOINT for automated pagination of ROP and classified ads.

Through this agreement Integration X adds another reference to the list of Dutch media companies using its solutions. Earlier this year Telegraaf Media Groep went live with ADPOINT and last year Wegener Media was the first Dutch company to choose ADPOINT.

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Telegraaf Media Groep Buys ADPOINT for Print and Digital Ad Management

Telegraaf Media Groep N. V. (TMG), one of the largest news media companies in the Netherlands, has chosen ADPOINT from Integration X as their ad material management and production solution. Running as a fully managed cloud solution, ADPOINT will be integrated with TMG’s ad booking system to handle print and digital ad materials for TMG’s national and regional newspapers and websites.

This means that TMG joins Wegener Media in being a major Dutch news media company that chooses ADPOINT.

ADPOINT is a leading solution for ad material handling preferred by newspapers and magazine publishers in Europe and The United States. ADPOINT offers the highest level of workflow automation and enable publishers to collaborate with advertisers and creatives through the most modern web technology. In addition to print adverts, ADPOINT users easily embrace digital branding platforms, through a unified and user-friendly solution.

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