Integration X services are not affected by COVID-19

March 13th, 2020

The Danish Government and Health Authorities have taken strict measures to prevent spreading of the COVID-19 Corona virus. Integration X takes our responsibility of slowing the COVID-19 Corona virus very serious, and have instructed our team to work from home until further notice.

While the current measures and enforcements will have a large impact on our society, there are no changes with respect to how we deliver our services and service commitments.

All our employees can perform the same tasks from their homes as they can from our offices. And our phone system is based on mobile phones and not bound to a physical address.

This means that support and ongoing projects and tasks are not affected by the situation. Our phones and support email accounts are open as usual and there are no changes in calling or reporting procedures.

Physical meetings will be converted to online meetings and all travel activities are cancelled until the official COVID-19 health warnings and travel restrictions are lifted.

We hope the measures taken will help us all through this unusual situation, safely and quickly. If the situation changes, we will inform you duly.

Best regards

Christian Wermuth