Kärkimedia goes live with ADPOINT in Finland

ADPOINT validates and distributes ad materials to more than 30 Finnish newspapers.

Kärkimedia is a sales and marketing organization representing 32 Finnish newspapers. One of their business areas is to connect advertisers and media agencies with publishers in order to facilitate a simple, fast and cheap way to distribute ad materials.

Kärkimedia chose ADPOINT from Integration X in Denmark to handle this task earlier this year, and by mid-October, the solution went live.

“First user reactions have been very positive” says Marja Jäälinna, Service Manager at Kärkimedia Oy. The ease of use combined with powerful features for distribution and validation of marketing materials, vastly improves the productivity in the advertising supply chain.

The heart of the system is ADPOINT from Integration X. Hosted in the cloud, and connected to the Talea Oy developing Kärkimedia´s Baari ad selling solution, users can log in to ADPOINT to see orders and track materials.

Through an upload module, ad materials are submitted to ADPOINT where they are validated against Finnish newspaper publishing standards. Users receive instant feedback and can correct potential errors before materials are submitted to the publishers.
“The clear status overview as well as the ability to track materials has a huge impact on productivity at both material suppliers and publishers” Marja Jäälinna adds.

Next phase is to expand the delivery service to digital and video advertising materials.

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