Key Executives Mega-Conference 2017
Orlando, Florida, February 23-25.

The I’s Have It!

Innovation & Insight is the theme for this year’s Mega-Conference and we could not agree more that both are necessary for success in today’s quickly changing publishing environment. We’d like you to remember another as well – “integration” – as in our name.

Stop by our booth (502) to see the latest innovations and insights we bring to managing all of your ads, be they digital or print. Our latest solutions integrate seamlessly with your systems to enable you to plan, manage, validate and publish your ads in whatever medium you choose.

New Validation Engine for Digital Ads

If you are dealing with digital ads of any kind, check out our new validation engine for digital ads. ADPOINT can now validate digital ads on a wide number of properties. Size, weight, load time, server requests to mention just a few. Be sure not to miss out seeing how ADPOINT streamlines handling of your banners.

Pagination was never easier

Create a publication, auto-flow ROP and Classifieds, output to editorial or InDesign. That is the simple workflow behind PLANPOINT. It’s fast and easy. Stop by and see how you could save hours every week.

Meet us in Orlando

If you would like an appoint to see ADPOINT, our ad workflow management solution, or PLANPOINT, our page planning and dummying solution, contact Tom Grilli here.