A brand new
user experience

ADPOINT 7.7 embraces productivity
with a new HTML user interface

We’re happy to announce a brand new HTML user interface available to users running ADPOINT 7.7.

There is no need to use the Java-based client anymore,  simply point your browser *) to the ADPOINT server and you’re good to go.

All new, yet easily recognizable

We have put a lot of effort into balancing well-known ADPOINT features  with the usability of a modern web application.

Most of the menus are gone, but functions like Quicksearch, advanced filters and columns are exactly where you expect them to be. Access to user functions are now readily available through a context sensitive function-menu.

A clean, modern design focusing on productivity

Through the use of contemporary design, subtle colors and screen optimized fonts, the new ADPOINT interface utilizes the latest design principles allowing users to focus on the most important information and functions.

All information is neatly organized in tabs inside a single browser window. As a result, campaign screen and detailed information are easily accessible and manageable. And if you log in to ADPOINT from another computer, your last tab settings are automatically restored.

Coming up next

For now we’ve focused on the most used features for Ad Ops users; later we will also introduce production features such as “Open layout document”, “Check-out/check-in” and handling of production templates.

Configuration screens will be accessible in separate tabs for administrators and super users. Please check the rollout plan below for more information.

We will continue to support the Java interface for some time still, making the transition to HTML safe and smooth.

*) The HTML interface is optimized for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

HTML interface rollout plan

We’re adding new features in accordance with this plan.

FeatureExpected release
Ad TrackingQ4/2019
Ad ProductionQ2/2020
Config dialogsQ4/2019

Subject to change without notice.

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