Cookie and Privacy Statement

How we treat your data

This page describes the measures Integration X take to ensure the privacy of visitors to our websites as well as recipients of electronic newsletters and other electronic information.

Cookies on our websites

When you visit and other Integration X websites for the first time, we display a banner in the bottom of the window to inform you that uses cookies. Once you have clicked the banner, it won’t show for one year (or until you delete our cookie).

Collecting and analysing visitor data

During your visit on our website, we collect information about your visit. Some examples of the data we collect are information about where you are located, if you found us through a search engine or ad, what pages you visit, if you were directed to our site via a mail campaign, what browser you use etc. We use this information to map the interest of our visitors and to ensure our website is up to date in relation to content as well as technology.

The tool we use is Google Analytics. How Google Analytics treats visitor information.

Google has released a browser add-on that allow visitors to generally opt-out from being tracked by Google Analytics. Click here to download this add-on from Google.

Other Integration X sites

Other Integration X sites include our WordPress driven websites for documentation purposes. These systems track visitors in a log system. This log is hosted and maintained by our own systems and the log information is used to detect abusive or destructive behavior. These logs are purged according to internal system maintenance procedures.

We also use an Jira Issue Tracking system hosted by Atlassian. Click here to read Atlassians Privacy statement.

E-mail mailinglists

From time to time Integration X distributes information related to our products, services and activities through e-mail newsletters. To ensure that the content of these newsletters reflect the interest of our readers, we use tools that allow us to track which links the readers are clicking.

Our newsletter services are provided by Mailchimp.

Please visit for privacy information related to Mailchimp.

Newsletter usage and tracking information is maintained by Mailchimp as well as Google Analytics.


Integration X never sell, distribute or in other way disclose information about recipients on our mailinglist to third parties. Nor do we disclose tracking or logging information collected through our website or e-mail activities.

Contact us

For inquiries regarding how customer information is treated please contact us at or contact our main office using the information on the contact page.

Updated: December 2017