Cookie and Privacy Statement

How we collect and protect your data

This page describes the measures Integration X takes protect the privacy of data about visitors to our websites, as well as data we keep for administrative purposes.

Visiting our websites


When you visit our websites for the first time, we display a banner in the bottom of the window to inform you that the particular website uses cookies. Once you have clicked the banner, it won’t show again for one year (or until the next time you visit the website after you deleted our cookie).

Collecting and analysing visitor data

During your visit on our main website,, we collect information about your visit. Some examples of the data we collect are information about where you are located, if you found us through a search engine or ad, what pages you visit, if you were directed to our site via a mail campaign, what browser you use etc. We use this information to map the interest of our visitors and to ensure our website is up to date in relation to content as well as technology.

The tool we use is Google Analytics. How Google Analytics treats visitor information.

Google may also use this information for other purposes. Integration X has entered a Data Processor Agreement with Google.

Please note that Google has released a browser add-on that allow visitors to generally opt-out from being tracked by Google Analytics. Click here to download this add-on from Google.

Other logs

Our websites also generate internal log files. These log files are hosted and maintained by our own systems and the log information is used to detect technical issues and track abusive or destructive behaviour. These logs are purged according to internal system maintenance procedures. Our web servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services.

Data we keep for administrative purposes

For administrative purposes, we only keep contact information for contact persons. This information is limited to name, e-mail address (for work purposes) and phone numbers (direct or mobile). Log information may also include ip adresses.

Persons applying for a job via our application form, must give permission that their personal data is stored for recruitement purposes.

Our use of Social media

We have accounts on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube which we use for general publication of news and stories related to our activities. Please refer to the privacy statements of each of these services to find out what data is collected and processed when visiting our respective accounts.

Contact us

For inquiries regarding how customer information is treated, or to claim deletion of your contact information from our system, please contact us at or contact our main office using the information on the contact page.

Updated: November 2020