Telegraaf Media Groep Buys ADPOINT for Print and Digital Ad Management

Telegraaf Media Groep N. V. (TMG), one of the largest news media companies in the Netherlands, has chosen ADPOINT from Integration X as their ad material management and production solution. Running as a fully managed cloud solution, ADPOINT will be integrated with TMG’s ad booking system to handle print and digital ad materials for TMG’s national and regional newspapers and websites.

This means that TMG joins Wegener Media in being a major Dutch news media company that chooses ADPOINT.

ADPOINT is a leading solution for ad material handling preferred by newspapers and magazine publishers in Europe and The United States. ADPOINT offers the highest level of workflow automation and enable publishers to collaborate with advertisers and creatives through the most modern web technology. In addition to print adverts, ADPOINT users easily embrace digital branding platforms, through a unified and user-friendly solution.

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