The power of classified pagination

Classifieds are alive and kicking in PLANPOINT.
But that was not always the case.

PLANPOINT Pagination

When we drew the first lines for PLANPOINT some years ago, we wanted to bring a modern, user-friendly and open planning solution to the market. Feedback from customers told us that there was a high demand for a new planning solution. We needed to bring the power of the cloud to the screens of planners and dummy operators. And it should be extremely user-friendly.

When we made the first introductions to our new planning solution, we were indeed credited for bringing a modern, cloud based planning solution to the market. PLANPOINT proved strong and flexible when it came to ROP/Display pagination. Adding new products, changing plans and modifying placement rules was simple and easy. Very well ordered, very fast and very user friendly.

Something was missing

But what about classifieds? We’re not afraid to admit it but the demand for an integrated classified planning solution was surprisingly. In fact, classifieds are still an important revenue source and an absolute must for a modern planning solution.
So back to the labs to add a new classification engine with a choice of stacking algorithms. We also added tools to ensure well-balanced classification pages.

Thinking back on the bumpy start may put a smile on our faces. Especially now when demand for fast and efficient planning solutions is very high. PLANPOINT now offers both ROP and Classified pagination within the same solution. Fast and flexible placement algorithms, a very strong zoning engine has won PLANPOINT many fans. Even more so, the ability to quickly change planning settings.

From small local weeklies to large, nationwide, zoned dailies, PLANPOINT is the pagination solution chosen by media organizations all over the world.

Planning across the US

McClatchy of Sacramento, California uses PLANPOINT to plan all their titles in the US. From coast to coast, their PLANPOINT cloud serves titles including the Miami Herald, The Kansas City Star and The Sacramento Bee.

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The future of planning

We’re still adding new features to PLANPOINT. Classified stacking now has new algorithms to allow square offs and even more advanced floating. Zone handling is more sophisticated. And soon, PLANPOINT will also have a new skin as we add a new HTML5 based user interface.

PLANPOINT was built as a cloud solution from the very beginning. It is now possible for any size newspaper operation to tap into a powerful, stable and scalable planning solution without the need for investing in additional infrastructure.

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