The Washington Post saves big
on production costs with ADPOINT 6.6

In their continued effort to optimize the ad management workflow, The Washington Post has now moved to Integration X ADPOINT 6.6.

The latest version of ADPOINT introduces a number of great features for optimizing the processes involved in the quality control of ad materials and improving the customer’s self-service possibilities. For example, ADPOINT can now automatically check ad materials before they are accepted. It also allows users to proof the production ads through a standard web browser.

Increase in off-shore production

The implementation of ADPOINT allowed The Post to increase off-shore ad production from 25% to 55% very easily. With everyone working in the same system, Post staffers are now able to monitor outsourced ads quickly and easily, as if the production department is in the same room.

Significant savings on production costs

In addition to facilitating better off-shore production control, ADPOINT has introduced significant savings on in-house ad management. A whopping 50% cost reduction in handling camera-ready ads and an additional 30% has been saved on ad quality control. As a bonus the entire production and quality control workflow is now paperless, saving time and money.